Create More Pages for Your Site

Whether you're a free user or a subscriber to our Pro service, your site can have as many pages and sub-pages as needed.  We place no limits whatsoever on the number of pages that can be added to a site.  Creating a new page is as simple as going to the Pages tab and clicking the Add Page button. 
There is an option to Add a Page or Add a Blog.  For now let's focus on just creating New Pages. 

Clicking the Add Page button adds a new page to your list.

Working from top-to-bottom you can:
  • Edit the Page (which will take you back to the elements area of the editor that we've previously been looking at)
  • Copy the Page to use as the basis for a new page
  • Delete the Page
  • Change the Page's name
  • Hide the Page from the Navigation Menu .  If this is unchecked the page is accessible via the site's navigation.  If the box is checked then the page is hidden from the navigation (though you can easily create your own links to hidden pages)
  • Password Protect this Page, which requires a subscription to our Pro service
  • Link Page to an External Site (creating a navigation link that leads to another site entirely). 
  • Adjust the Advanced Settings. 
The Advanced Settings for each page are useful for improving your site's Search Engine Optimization.  If you don't know what this is, just ignore it for now.  

Let's add several new pages to the example site (clicking Add Page again will add another page and save the changes to the page you were working on):  a page for Sweet baked goods, a page for Savory bakes, an about Our Chefs a page, a Write Us page for a contact form, a Visit Our Shop page to provide the address, directions and a map. 

You can re-arrange the order of the pages by clicking and dragging them up and down the list.   Dragging a page to the top of the list will make that page your Home, which is indicated by the house icon to the far right of the page name.  The Home page can have whatever name you want it to have -- the name for this site's Home has been changed to Welcome. 

Let's create a sub-page by dragging the Write Us page underneath and to the right of the Visit Our Shop page.  Sub-pages appear in the site navigation menu as part of a drop-down menu for whatever page they're connected to (well see how this looks in a moment). 

To create a sub-pages, just drag one page underneath another page and then drag it to the right until you see each one connected to the main page via a dotted line.  You can have as many sub-pages of a main page as you want.   
Now the navigation menu for our sample site (which previously just showed a link to Home) includes links to all the pages we created.  
And if we scroll over the Portfolio link with the mouse pointer, a drop-down menu appears with a link to each of the sub-pages we created.
To edit the content of a page just click on its link from the navigation menu or go to the Pages tab, select the page from the list and click the Edit Page button.  
Now let's take a look at how to Add a Blog to a site