First Elements: Add Text Your Site

As noted on the previous page, elements are the building blocks of your site.  All of your content (aside from a few exceptions like the header image, which we’ll cover later) is added via an element.  Let’s explore some of these elements and add them to the first page of our example site.

Text Elements

Adding an element to a site is as simple as clicking on that element and dragging it to the content area of a page.  Let's drag the most basic element -- the paragraph element -- to this sample site. 
The paragraph element is exactly what it sounds like -- an element for writing text.  You can write a word, a sentence or multiple paragraphs in a single element.  Just click within the element to start editing. 
As you write your text, take notice of the blue toolbar at the top of the editor.  Every element has its own toolbar with functions specific to that element. 
The text toolbar enables you to (from left to right) Bold, Italicize, Underline, change the color, increase the size and decrease the size of selected text.  You can also create a link (we'll take a closer look at this a bit later) to another site, a page within your own site, an email address or an uploaded file.

Beyond that you can align all the text in an element to the left, center or right, create both bulleted lists and numbered lists, and also undo / redo changes.  

One thing you may notice you can't do is change fonts.  That's because the font is controlled through the site's theme and not within individual elements.  You can change the default font for different areas of your site via the Design tab, and we'll take a closer look at this a bit later in the guide. 

Let's add some text to our example site:

To add more text we could keep writing in this same element, add another paragraph element to the page,  or use one of the three other text elements:
  • Title - Used for adding titles / headers to a page.
  • Paragraph w/ Title - A paragraph element with a spot for title already built in.
  • Paragraph w/ Picture - A paragraph element with a spot for both a title and an image built in.
Each of these elements use the same text editing toolbar we looked at above and you can stack as many of them as you want on a page.

Now, how do you add images to the site?  Move on to our First Elements: Adding Pictures page to learn more.