How to use Custom PayPal Buttons for Sizes, Colors, Etc.

Our provided PayPal e-commerce elements enable you to create basic product lists for your online store.  You can show a picture and description of an item and provide visitors with a price and button to purchase that item.  Very straight forward. 

But what if you need to get a little fancier and include a drop-down menu for different sizes or colors (or anything else)?  Then you should build your Add-to-Cart buttons using PayPal's simple button generator and add the buttons to your site via our Custom HTML Element.  

PayPal walks through the process of creating payment buttons here:

Click the "Create Your Button Link" on the above page to do just that.  Their create button tool gives you significantly more options than our built-in e-commerce elements. 

Once you've created your buttons, you can add them to your site using our Custom HTML Element.  Learn how to use this element via the help article found here

Note that you do not need (and should not) use our own provided e-commerce elements in conjunction with PayPal generated buttons.  This will cause confusion and make it so nothing really works properly.  Which is likely the opposite of what you want. 

You should instead create a description of each item using our Paragraph w/ Picture element and then line each description up with the appropriate Custom HTML Button.  

If you use these in conjunction with the Multiple Column Layout element, you can put the Paragraph w/ Picture element side-by-side with the Custom HTML element.  This will make the elements appear to be a single product listing.  This is how it would look in the editor: