Using the Video Player

Our video element allows you to upload a video directly to your site, and display that video in a professional, unbranded player.  
This element is available under the "Multimedia" category of elements.  To use it, click and drag it to your desired location on the page. 
Then simply click the player and a dialog box will open from where you can select a video from your computer.  Easy DIY Website supports M4V, MPG, MOV, WMV, AVI and most other standard video formats.  
Depending on the size of your video and the speed of your internet connection, it may take up to 20 minutes to upload, and then encode, your video. You will see a status message on your screen (in the lower right corner) showing the video uploading and then encoding:
If it takes more than 20 minutes or so for the process to finish, cancel the upload and try again.  Or cancel the upload and try a different video format than the one you're using.  There are lots of video formats and we don't necessarily support them all.  

And remember: if you're using Windows Movie Maker or iMovie, the files created when you use the Save option in these programs are not video files.  They are editable files that are meant to be used with each program.  Be sure to Export your final video from either program to ensure you have a video and not an unusable document file.  To Export a video from iMovie go to File > Export.   To Export using WMM go to Publish Movie > Export to File.