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Automatic Mobile Sites

Automic Optimised

Mobile Website

With the fast growing number of people browsing the web with their mobile phones, it’s crucial to have a mobile friendly and accessible website. With Easy DIY Website, we create a mobile optimised version of your website automatically! The visitors that arrive to your website on a phone are shown the mobile version of your site, while visitors arriving to your website on a computer are shown the full website. You don’t have to do anything – it just works!


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Easy Form Builder

Drag & Drop

Form Builder

Our drag & drop form builder makes it easy for you to collect information from your customers and friends. We have contact forms, RSVP forms, and surveys already pre-built, making it dead simple to gather comments, contact info, and responses from your website visitors. We even have a file drop box element that accepts documents, pictures, or other file uploads from your visitors.

Our form builder is flexible too. Customise a form by dragging and dropping new fields (such as text boxes, dropdown menus, and check boxes) into any configuration you need. When a form entry is submitted by a website visitor, you are emailed the details and the entry is also stored in your site’s dashboard for you to review or respond to later.


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Image Editor



We don’t mean to brag, but ImagePerfect is a feature that really sets Easy DIY Website apart from the crowd. ImagePerfect is our fabulous image editing tool that makes it a breeze to crop, resize, fade, and layer your photos. With one click, you can add stunning photo effects and stylish border designs.

We built ImagePerfect directly into Easy DIY Website because we believe image editing should be a seamless part of the website building experience. Why should you be directed to a 3rd party service or need to load Photoshop to make basic edits? Well, now you don’t have to!


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E-commerce Features

Build an

Online Store

Build an online store and sell your products with Easy DIY Website. To add a product, just type the title, upload a picture, and name your price. Drag on text descriptions, pictures, and video to supplement the product listings. Associate the store with your PayPal or Google Checkout account, and just like that, you’re selling online!


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